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News from the Sanctuary Southwest Wildlife





A Ringtail Rescue

Read how Southwest Wildlife's emergency rescue team completed a very technical and dangerous rescue when two javelina got trapped in an old root cellar.

Saying goodbye to Evita, a memorial on one of Southwest Wildlife's sanctuary coyotes.

Peanut the coati was, like her name, a little nugget of sunshine at Southwest Wildlife. We adored her. What a privilege it is to work for these wild lives. Thank you to everyone who has taken this journey with us. Please contact a wildlife rehabilitator in your area as soon as possible if you ever come across a young wild animal. Wildlife belongs in the wild and rehabbers know best how to get them back there.

In late January, Phoenix police received a tip that someone listed a baby bengal tiger for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $25,000. Upon follow up, officers found the offer was legitimate - there was in fact a baby tiger in south Phoenix, alongside a baby alligator and several snapping turtles. Of course, it's illegal in Arizona (and most U.S. states) to privately own a tiger as a pet. Police arrested the man attempting the sale, and our friends at the Arizona Game & Fish Department knew just who to call to care for the tiger temporarily - Southwest Wildlife.

Enjoy this play-by-play of an extraordinary rescue effort on the part of Southwest Wildlife's incredible volunteers - all to save one little raccoon.

Truly, the stars had to align for Mexican gray wolves Melly and Moonlight to conceive and give birth. Read the story of two miracle pups' journey into the wild - adding numbers and genetic diversity to a critically endangered species.

Eight baby coyotes were found dehydrated, starving, and cold in a cardboard box within a dumpster. Who knows how they got there - speculating only makes us angry. Instead, let's focus on what we do know. The kindness, compassion, and care displayed by the person who found them and the person who rescued them.

In this blog post, find 5 simple, powerful actions you can take to help wildlife and the planet this Earth Day and beyond. Earth Day is every day - for all of us.

At Southwest Wildlife, we want to release every animal. Sometimes that isn't possible. In this sanctuary spotlight, learn why Rocket the Bobcat failed to pass the release test and how you can support him in his sanctuary home.

Tahoe the black bear has been living at Southwest Wildlife for quite some time now. Read this blog post for her story and join our Wild Family to support her ongoing care!

Two new wolves join the pack at Southwest Wildlife. It's truly a family affair! Meet them in this blog post and learn which famous Southwest wolf is their brother.

With votes from the community and a whole lot of faith, Diane Vaszily wins the 2021 Cox Conserves Heroes Award! That's $60,000 to save our wildlife, one life at a time.

Mesquite the coyote needed a quiet, peaceful "furrever" home. Thanks to generous donors like you, Southwest Wildlife was able to answer the call and provide Mesquite an isolated enclosure with minimal human contact, access to food, water, and medical care, surrounded by other special coyotes just like him.

A fourth baby bear arrives at Southwest Wildlife - the sanctuary is now positively bursting at the seams with bears.

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