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Board Members

  • Board Chair

    Sam Coppersmith

  • Members

    Linda Searles, Executive Director
    Paul Diefenderfer
    Raandi Morales
    Fairfax O'Riley
    Dr. Nick Robl
    Michelle Burns


  • Founder and Director

    Linda Searles

  • Animal Care

    Kim Carr, Animal Care Manager
    Lynne Stone, Assistant Animal Care Manager
    Kaitlyn Henry, Animal Care Specialist
    Savannah Olson, Animal Care Specialist
    Terri Register, Animal Care Specialist
    Kris Wheaton, Animal Care Specialist

  • Medical

    Khymberly Lewus, Clinic Manager and Veterinary Technician
    Tommy Duckett, Veterinary Technician
    Brenna Skelton, Veterinary Technician

  • Education

    Robyn Moul, Lead Education Specialist
    Kendra Shapiro, Education Specialist

  • Administration

    Jessica Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator
    Larry Reeher, Human Resources

  • Facilities

    Marco Mellin, Facilities Manager
    Sergio Mellin Rios, Assistant Facilities Manager
    Sergio Mellin Saavedra, Facilities Tech
    Karl Land, Facilities Tech

  • Development

    Jamie Haas Oliver, Marketing and Development Manager


HelpĀ save our wildlife, one life at a time.