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Past News Stories


A Ringtail Rescue

A rescued ringtail sits in a vet techs gloved hands after a thorough intake exam

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Although this isn't the first Ringtail Southwest Wildlife has seen, they are a rarity. Even as Arizona's state mammal, we don't often see them in need of rescue! Thankfully, when a staff member at a saloon in Tortilla Flats found him, they were quick to call Southwest Wildlife, one of the Accredited Wildlife Sanctuaries in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

This adventurous little guy was found in a fry-oil disposal container. Although it was mostly empty, the leftover oil mixed with rainwater made it impossible for him to climb out. Once restaurant staff found him, they attempted to rinse off the oil. Unfortunately, the shock from his experience left the ringtail shivering, breathing heavily, and unable to move.

Southwest Wildlife rescue volunteers arrived as quickly as they could. They brought the ringtail to our clinic where he received a warm bath, oil removal, and a full checkup. A huge thank you to our volunteer, Michelle, who grabbed these pictures to show his progress! 

The first two are after his exam, and the last one is when he was first found. He has currently received a clean bill of health and is feeling stronger everyday. Stay tuned and follow along on social media for more updates on this spunky ringtail!

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