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Corporate Sponsorship


Looking for an opportunity for your company or organization to give back? Check out our opportunities below and become an essential part of saving wildlife in Arizona. Your annual gift gives the sanctuary wildlife care they can count on!

Dinner with Wolves Southwest Wildlife

Southwest Wildlife is so grateful for our corporate sponsors! We have many opportunities for your organization to partner with us in our mission. 

Giving can be implemented in three levels:

  • Annual Digital Supporter, $1,000
    • Logo scrolling on home webpage
    • Partner announcement post on social media
    • Supporter display decal
  • Annual Animal Sponsorship Tier 1, $2,500
    • Digital benefits plus:
    • Choice of small animal to sponsor: coyote, bobcat, javelina, coatimundi, or fox
    • Logo on webpage of your sponsored animal
    • Logo on animal enclosure visible to tour guests (10,000+ visitors annually)
  • Annual Animal Sponsorship Tier 2, $5,000
    • Digital benefits plus:
    • Choice of large animal to sponsor: black bear, mountain lion, Mexican gray wolf, or deer
    • Logo on webpage of your sponsored animal
    • Logo on animal enclosure visible to tour guests (10,000+ visitors annually)

This year, we are offering a unique sponsorship opportunity: Sponsor a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer! For $1,500, your company can help purchase the equipment and rabies vaccination shots for a proven, successful volunteer who is eager to enter into the world of wildlife rescue, but is unable to afford the expensive shots and equipment necessary to do so. Know that your money goes directly  towards more wild lives saved by inquiring about sponsoring a wildlife rescue volunteer - you will receive all the digital supporter benefits along with your logo shared on our volunteer page.

Have something unique you'd like to donate to Southwest Wildlife? Inquire via our contact form and a staff member will reach out to you. Previously, we have accepted generous donations from many organizations, including: 

Check out our current corporate sponsors below: 

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