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1, 2, 3... 11 Black Bears!

Last week, a fourth infant black bear arrived at Southwest Wildlife. That brings the total of black bears to 11: five adult sanctuary residents, two releasable juveniles, and four infants in rehab.

This little one came from the mountains south of Tucson. Reported to be wandering alone, the Arizona Game & Fish Department went to investigate. Once they confirmed that mom was nowhere to be found, they scooped up the bear and began the trip to Southwest Wildlife.

Once the bear acclimated to his new surroundings and our vet techs were able to perform an exam, they transitioned this little one outside to his very own rehab enclosure. While we are so grateful to have the opportunity to save this little bear, we are saddened that his mother was lost and he cannot have a childhood in the wild.

Thank you for your ongoing support and compassion for wildlife. Because of people like you, animals like this bear can experience safety, a full belly, and hopefully the opportunity to return home to the wild.


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