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Saving our wildlife, one life at a time!

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) rescues and rehabilitates wildlife that has been injured, displaced, and orphaned.

Once rehabilitated, they are returned to the wild. Sanctuary is provided to animals that cannot be released back to the wild. 

Educational and humane scientific research opportunities are offered in the field of conservation medicine, including advice on living with wildlife and the importance of native wildlife to healthy ecosystems. 

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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operated by a small full-time staff and a large group of dedicated volunteers. 

SWCC is funded solely through private donations, fundraising, and grants.


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As temperatures begin to cool down, Arizona wildlife awakens. In the month of September, visit SWCC in the twilight evening hours for a 5:30 PM Friday night outing. See what the nocturnal/diurnal mammals at SWCC get up to as the sun sets. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of the bats and the night hawks as they fly over the grounds! Check out the event page for dates and tickets.

Desert Financial Credit Union’s Random Acts of Kindness program team members recently visited SWCC to connect with the animals and make a $10,000 donation.

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