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Southwest Wildlife Update 4/22/2015:

For more than two decades, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) has worked to rescue, rehabilitate, offer sanctuary to, and provide education about Arizona’s unique wildlife at our Rio Verde Foothills location.  During that time, we have partnered with federal, state, county, and municipal agencies to rescue injured, displaced, and orphaned wildlife, assisted in wildlife law enforcement, and have been a valued partner in the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program. 

These agencies, and the community, depend on SWCC to be here for our wildlife.

We believe Southwest Wildlife is uniquely positioned to continue to make valuable contributions to the environmental sciences as we grow into the future.  However, the reality is that we will soon outgrow our 10-acre facility.  To continue to grow—and to reach our full potential!—we need a much larger facility.  Our objective is to perpetuate the existence and mission of SWCC for the benefit of Arizonans and native wildlife species by relocating the majority of our existing services to a new property.

In addition, changes in the Maricopa County zoning code and complaints by one neighbor (despite the friendship and support of all our other neighbors!) mean SWCC will need to refocus its programs at our Rio Verde Foothills location.

We want our friends and supporters to know that SWCC will continue its important work, even if we may change the menu of activities at our current location or add satellite locations and programs. 

If you want to support SWCC, you can help us in two important ways:

-Stayed tuned to our social media and sign up to receive our Wildlife Weekly emails.  You can be among the first to know of new SWCC developments, and how you can help.

-Be patient as we work with our federal, state, and municipal partners to determine how we will continue our work protecting Arizona’s wildlife. 

SWCC is extremely gratified by the overwhelming support we have received from so many friends and neighbors.  We thank all of our patrons, including our Rio Verde Foothills neighbors, who love and enjoy SWCC and all the wildlife here.  We appreciate all your support. 

It is my dream, as founder, that Southwest Wildlife will outlive all of us, and continue its work well into the future.   I ask all of you to help us achieve that dream!


Linda Searles, Executive Director

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center


Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes to development, or are found injured, orphaned, or abandoned.  When possible, the animals in our care are rehabilitated and released — healthy and wild — back where they belong.    

Those animals that could not survive in the wild can live out their lives at our accredited sanctuary.  We don’t buy, breed, sell or trade animals, nor are the animals for hire or used for commercial purposes.

We’re proud of our contribution to the recovery of an endangered species – the Mexican gray wolf.  As a holding facility, we offer space at our sanctuary to care for part of the captive population of this rare wolf, and participate as a member of the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP).

Southwest Wildlife shares its knowledge and passion about animals through education.  We hope not only to educate, but also to inspire people to learn about and respect our wildlife and conserve its habitat. 

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is run by a handful of staff and many dedicated volunteers. We are funded solely through private donations, fundraising and grants.



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