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Lucky "Concertina Fox"

A gray fox looks curiously but cautiously at the camera, snuggled in towels in his clinic enclosure.

The gray fox is the most common fox in Arizona. It makes sense, then, that they'd also be the fox most commonly appearing in the Southwest Wildlife clinic.

This six-month-old male got himself in a sharp situation. Somehow, he got tangled in loops of concertina - a.k.a. razor - wire.  Rescuers delivered him as quickly as possible to Southwest Wildlife's animal clinic where the vet techs began gingerly cutting the wire and assessing the damage. Below is a photo of a wire clipping after it was removed.

This lucky boy got away with mostly minor, superficial wounds from the wire. He did manage to fracture his tail, and it did have to be partially amputated.

Happily, he is recovering well from the surgery and his wounds are closing up nicely. Before you know it, he'll be out in rehab getting ready to go back where he belongs: into the wild. 

Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you for saving wildlife.


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