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Moccasin was kept as an illegal pet from the time she was young.  She is considered non-releasable because she is too comfortable with humans and does not know how to hunt for herself or avoid predators. 

Moccasin is one of our Education animals

After she was confiscated, she was taken the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) in Tucson where her tolerance of humans was put to good use an education animal ambassador.  Our good relationship with ASDM prompted her move to Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  With her previous training to be on the falconry glove along with her tolerance of being adored by humans, we continue to use her for on-site and outreach programs to educate all ages about the importance of living peacefully with wildlife.

Moccasin in on display at the ramada and can be seen when you come a few minutes early for your tour.

Sponsoring Moccasin helps to pay for one of our most expensive, and vital, food sources—frozen mice. This whole prey food gives Moccasin the nutrients she needs to stay healthy.


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