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F1374 - VERA


F1374 Vera

M1124 Sancho Mexican Gray Wolf Southwest Wildlife Scottsdale Arizona

Vera was born May 26, 2014 at the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City and transferred to the Endangered Wolf Center (EWC) in St. Louis a year later. At EWC she met her chosen mate, Mack. He was hand-raised, and thus exhibited a range of behaviors considered "odd" for a wolf. Vera stepped in and taught him to provide for a pack and function in this dynamic as a breeding partner.

Together, Vera and Mack brought five litters of critically endangered pups into the world. She was one of the first wolves to participate in cross-fostering efforts, with 16 of her 26 babies introduced into wild packs to increase the genetic health of wolves in the wild. Some of her babies are still living wild lives today and have produced pups of their own.

After such a successful life bringing so many beautiful babies into the world, Vera lost her status in her pack and was ostracized. She exhibited stress behaviors, cowering from and hiding from the other wolves. She spent her time alone. This is no way for a wolf to spend her older years.

August of 2022, Vera joined the Southwest Wildlife pack. Vera now resides peacefully and comfortably in an enclosure with Redford, an older male who needed companionship. They get along well and enjoy their days playing in the sun and napping in the shade.

You make this life possible for Vera. Your compassion for Mexican wolves - and all Arizona wildlife - ensures that every animal gets a second chance at life. For those we can't release, you provide a special forever home to rest and play. And most of all, you are a valuable contributor to Mexican wolf recovery - a blessing you will pass down for generations to come.