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Bobcat kitten Catalina is quite a handful

It was a rough beginning for Chi's journey. He was born in the treacherous summer of 2023 in Tucson. At Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Tucson Wildlife responded to concerns about a disheveled baby coati found alone and injured - after falling into an eight-foot-deep hole. Chi’s mother was nowhere in sight. Tucson Wildlife made multiple attempts to introduce Chi to families nearby. The bands (group of coatis) remained staunch in their commitment to keeping their family tight-knit - unfortunately, he was rejected multiple times.

Because Chi is so young, he cannot survive on his own in the wild. At that point, Tucson Wildlife teamed up with Arizona Game and Fish, who reached out to Southwest Wildlife to see if we could be his forever home. We were so delighted to welcome baby Chi to the sanctuary! Funny enough, Chi was deemed a female until a quick visit to the clinic confirmed Chi is indeed a male. The care we provide to Chi is enhanced by your support.


Help save our wildlife, one life at a time.