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Bobcat kitten Catalina is quite a handful

Anomaly was found wandering in a neighborhood with a leg injury, and seemed to be unusually friendly for a wild animal. Upon rescue, vet techs realized his injuries to his back leg were too severe for repair - and they would need to amputate. 

In pre-surgery x-rays, vet techs also realized something peculiar. This raccoon had been neutered! They concluded this must mean he had previously been kept as a pet, making his eventual release impossible. His curiosity, friendliness, and complete comfort around humans was a clear indicator from the start that he would likely be remaining at Southwest post-op. 

Thanks to you, this mild-mannered, curious little man will have a forever home here at Southwest Wildlife. Thank you for making it possible for animals like him to live out their lives. It isn't his fault he was kept as a pet, or that he got hurt when he was either abandoned by his owners or he slipped out an open back door. Your compassion means the world to him - and to us - each and every day. 


Help save our wildlife, one life at a time.