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Virtual Baby Shower


Welcome to our Virtual Baby Shower!

Baby season swiftly approaches at Southwest Wildlife. Our clinic is about to overflow with injured and abandoned baby animals – some so young their eyes haven’t opened! Their care requires diligence, compassion and lots of supplies. From February 20 - March 18, your donation to our Virtual Baby Shower makes you a partner in the care and feeding of these tiny, helpless wild ones. You’ll be helping them grow strong, so they can return to the wild where they truly belong.

How can you help?

Our Animal Care staff has compiled a wish list of must-have items on Amazon! Click the button below to view our wish list and ship items directly to us at 

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
c/o Baby Shower

27026 N 156th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

The formula our Animal Care staff and volunteers use to get newborns through the first few weeks of life isn't on Amazon. If you'd like to purchase formula, here are the direct links to the Fox Valley website:

If you do purchase formula, please click our email address: to send us an email letting us know you've done so. We'd like to send you a thank-you note!

You can also fill out the donation form below if you'd like to give a monetary donation. 

Thank you for your generosity! Together, we can give these infants another chance at life.

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