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Virtual Baby Shower


Welcome to our Virtual Baby Shower!

Prepare for cuteness overload (and some very overwhelmed staff and resources) at Southwest Wildlife!​​​​ Each spring, you help our rescue volunteers, clinic staff, and animal care team take in HUNDREDS of tiny, helpless baby animals. From those that are orphaned, injured, or found caught in leg traps - you've seen it all. We bottle feed them, keep them safe, clean them, and treat their tiny injuries around the clock - all thanks to you. 

Every February, the dedicated team of volunteers, givers, and staff begin to prep as baby season swiftly approaches. We try to get a little extra rest  and prep time while you restock every inch of storage space with the items we will need to care for our newest little ones. Our clinic and baby trailer are about to overflow with injured and abandoned baby animals – some so young their eyes haven't even opened. Their care requires diligence, compassion and lots of supplies. From February 23rd - March 22nd, your donation to our Virtual Baby Shower makes you a partner in the care and feeding of these tiny, helpless wild ones. You’ll be helping them grow strong, so they can return to the wild where they truly belong.

We need YOU! Continue reading to see how you can help. 

Shop Our Amazon Wishlist

Our Animal Care staff has compiled a wish list of must-have items on Amazon! Click the button below to view our wish list and ship items directly to us. Please note: only Amazon delivers directly to our sanctuary. 

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
c/o Baby Shower

27026 N 156th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Shop Non-Amazon Items

There are several specialty items we need that are not available on Amazon. These bigger ticket items are needed for our medical clinic in order to provide life saving care for our newest residents. We would love to partner with you and recognize these larger donations, so please call us to chat about possibilities. 

Please call our donation line at (480) 881-5535 to talk with our donor team to help purchase these items!

We also need baby formula for our animals. You can purchase this from Chewy as they deliver directly to us. If you do purchase a non-amazon item, please send us a message at so we can thank you!

Baby Formula

You can also fill out the donation form below if you'd like to give a monetary donation. These dollars allow us to directly purchase items we need or run out of for our babies.

Thank you for your generosity! Together, we can give these innocent baby animals another chance at life.

Donate To Save Lives

Help Us Save More Lives By Sharing

Love what we do at Southwest Wildlife and want to help even more? Print this flyer and share it with friends, family, at school or at your place of work!