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Ziggy was born in 2021. She was found all alone by a good Samaritan. Much too young to have already struck out from mom, she was presumed orphaned. By the time she arrived at Southwest, she had already imprinted on humans and had a terrible case of mange.


Sarcoptic mange is a nasty condition caused by microscopic mites burrowing into the skin. The skin becomes extremely itchy and painful. Coyotes affected by mange have a distinct look - rough, wrinkled skin with significant fur loss.

Since she had already lost her fear of people and considered them "family," it certainly didn't help that she needed hands-on care in the wildlife clinic for her mange to be cured. As always at Southwest Wildlife, every animal is presumed releasable until proven otherwise. It did not take long for Ziggy to prove she was here to stay.

She adjusted quickly to her new enclosure on the tour route! Animal Care carefully considers which animals to place on the educational route, as they see people walking through sometimes multiple times per day. Not all wildlife enjoys that. As you can probably guess from the photos above, Ziggy enjoys the company of people and enjoys her tour visits tremendously.

This, of course, is not normal coyote behavior. Because she lost her fear of people, she can never know a wild life. Your support means the world to animals like her. 

Your sponsorship helps to cover Ziggy's food and any medical care she may need, and contributes to the care of many other coyote residents that call Southwest Wildlife home.

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