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Nursery Baby

Bobcat kitten Catalina is quite a handful

Every year, hundreds of baby wildlife animals arrive to Southwest Wildlife. From injury, to abandonment, to being caught in traps - these vulnerable babies need your help. 

It is a scary time for these little ones. To provide them as much safety and comfort as we can, we provide specialty formula, the warmth of a heating pad, and sometimes stuffed animals with “beating hearts” to simulate snuggling with mom.  

Baby season brings all different types – skunks, raccoons, bobcats - and widely varying numbers of little ones. It typically lasts from April to June, but we can still get babies in through the summer and other times of the year from animals like javelina with year-round breeding cycles. Thanks to you, we can continue to provide excellent care for these babies whenever they arrive. 


Help save our wildlife, one life at a time.