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WHAT IS ARIZONA GIVES DAY?  Arizona Gives Day is a statewide, grassroots day of giving which takes place on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (Arizona Time).  

Visit Southwest Wildlife's Arizona Gives Day page.  Our theme this year is “Giving Saves Lives" and in our video we share with you just a few of the lives that have been saved through that giving – one life at a time.


1.     Schedule a Donation!

Schedule a donation in advance or mark your calendar and make your gift on April 2.  Every gift - big and small - makes a difference.* 

2.     Tell your Friends!

You can share your enthusiasm about the work that SWCC does for wildlife with your friends and family by sharing our social media posts, email reminders and, of course, by making a donation.

Visit SWCC’s Facebook page to watch our progress on April 2 and look for upcoming emails about Arizona Gives Day.  

Use the hashtag #AZGivesDay to get even more reach when you share information. 

3.     Become a Fundraiser!

This year you can do even more to help the animals we all adore.  When you log on to our Arizona Gives Day page, you can create your very own fundraising page to benefit SWCC on Arizona Gives Day!  Plus, you’ll show up on SWCC’s Arizona Gives Page as a Fundraiser.  When a recommendation to donate comes from someone you know, you are more likely to give.   

4.     Bonus Prizes - Power Hours!

Organizations can earn a variety of bonus prizes.  On Arizona Gives Day 2019 (Tuesday, April 2) there will be 8 “Power Hours.”  During specified times, non-profits can receive additional awards, based on the number of unique donors that give above a set dollar amount, within a specified 60-minute period.  We’d like to focus on this time: 

10:00-10:59 AM – Tuesday, April 2 – SWCC could earn an additional $2,500 in prize money if we have the most unique donations of $50 or more during that time! 

You’re encouraged to donate any time before or during the actual giving day, but, if you’re planning to donate the morning of Arizona Gives Day on April 2, doing so between 10 and 10:59 AM might make an even greater impact for SWCC.

GIVING SAVES LIVES.  How does your donation to SWCC on Arizona Gives Day save lives? 

Giving saves LITTLE LIVES – by providing special formula to orphaned raccoon kits; 

Giving saves BIG LIVES – by giving a sanctuary home to black bears and mountain lions;

Giving saves SPECIAL LIVES – by healing Leonardo the jaguar/leopard hybrid;

Giving saves ENDANGERED LIVES – like the Mexican gray wolves who call SWCC home;

Giving saves WILD LIVES – by raising and releasing native wildlife back to the wild;

Giving saves lives – ONE LIFE AT A TIME!

                                                    WHO WILL YOU SAVE THIS YEAR?

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  Thanks for sharing and for all that you do, every day!  SWCC couldn’t do any of it without you!

Schedule your gift to Southwest Wildlife for Arizona Gives Day today!

* Please note that when you schedule a donation in advance, the charge on your debit or credit card will not process until the day of the event – April 2nd. You will receive notice that your donation has been scheduled and is pending. Arizona Gives subtracts a fee of 5.2% from each donation for payment processing, technology/security and program fees. Donors can choose to cover those fees at the time of donation.