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Lucky will never know the wild life he was born to live.

When he was just a baby, he was found drowning in a stock tank. A passerby scooped him out of the tank, gave him mouth-to-snout resuscitation, and he lived! Truly a miracle.

Unfortunately, the passerby then decided to try and keep Lucky as a pet. He lived in a residential home for about five years until a neighbor reported his presence to the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Of course, it’s illegal to keep wild animals as pets in Arizona, so they confiscated him and brought him to live out his days with us.

While javelina identify each other using their keen sense of smell, we have a hard time telling them apart, by nose or by sight. We do have big hearts for these relatives of the camel, hippopotamus and yes, swine. Though javelinas share the iconic pig nose with swine, they have little else in common with them. First and foremost, javelina are native to the Americas and swine are not.

Javelina come to us on a regular basis as orphaned reds (baby javelina), injured or from being kept as illegal pets.

Sponsoring Lucky helps to pay for the care of all javelinas at our center.


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