News from the Sanctuary

  • National Wildlife Day

    #NationalWildlifeDay is dedicated to bringing awareness to endangered species worldwide, and to acknowledge animal sanctuaries and no-kill animal shelters for all they do to rescue injured and homeless wild and domesticated animals. Learn more at

  • Raccoon Kits Are Growing Up

    Google says a group of raccoons is called a ā€œgaze.ā€ Thinking I know why. These guys are just one of several gazes of raccoons getting ready for release!

  • What's up with these adorable baby javelina? Read on...

  • Thank you Jordan and all the Boy Scouts who have done Eagle Scout projects for SWCC! Learn more about Jordan's project...

  • Raccoon school is open and there's a lot to learn.

  • Napping away the morning.

  • This coyote puppy has a second chance now.

  • We have a new Education Director!

  • Do you see the unique pattern of freckles on Tocho's nose?

  • Dinner with Wolves was another amazing evening!