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Acorn's favorite treat is bananas

Acorn is the youngest and smallest porcupine at Southwest Wildlife.  She’s shy, but if you’re one of the regular people to clean her enclosure, she will probably come out to visit. 

Acorn likes to hold and eat a whole apple or a bunch of red grapes. 

Acorn was found alongside a highway in the Phoenix area.  Sometimes porcupines will explore vehicles, looking for something salty to chew on, and end up taking a trip they hadn’t planned.  Mostly likely she hopped on a truck up north and found herself in an odd new world.    

We call Acorn a girl because she looks pretty and feminine to us.  Actually, we have no idea whether Acorn is female or male.  The sex organs for a porcupine are all internal so, without surgery, we’re just guessing.  It’s a good thing that they don’t seem to mind. 

She also enjoys all sorts of greenery and leaves, even rose pedals


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