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F958 - GRAY

Mexican Gray Wolf

M958 - Gray

M958 Gray Mexican Gray Wolf Southwest Wildlife Scottsdale Arizona Photo by Carol A. Urban

Welcome Mexican gray wolf brother M958, Gray!  He was born in 2005 at the Columbus Zoo, into a large litter of 10 puppies.  He and his brothers spent their first years at the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, Arizona, before moving to the Phoenix Zoo, their long-time home. 

Gray recently retired to Southwest Wildlife and seems to be quite relaxed at the sanctuary.  There are so many new things for him to see, smell and hear - especially the other Mexican wolves living in adjacent enclosures. 

Gray is sharing his enclosure with a single female wolf, Toluca (F986) and they're adjusting to life together.       

He's quite charming and we hope he'll be happy here!

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