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This Wildlife Weekly blog post gives details on how a variety of southwest mammals - bobcats, coyotes, skunks, porcupines, etc. - defend themselves in the wild.

This post in our Wildlife Weekly series gives some fun facts on animal fur and how it's different/similar to human hair.

SWCC's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned, injured, or displaced wildlife. Read about the planning and forethought that goes into the Third R: Release in this informative blog post.

Coyote dads are amazing fathers. This post tells the story of one of our coyote foster dads, Moon, as well as the criteria SWCC looks for when choosing wild "foster parents" for our injured, orphaned, or displaced infant wildlife.

"Mangy" coyotes - what are they? How can you help? This blog post explains the medical condition "mange," its effects on wildlife, and how you can help if and when you see any wildlife in distress.

Read the story of Heavenly, our 7-foot tall, 600-pound, peanut butter-loving black bear.

Javelina for Hanukkah... Coyote for Christmas... Kit Fox for Kwanza...

Last week we said goodbye to our long-time resident Mexican gray wolf, Winema (F938).

It's that time of year again - 115 degrees!!