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Do you know what would be cool?

It’s that time of year again--115 degrees--the days that we LOVE our air conditioning. But what about those who have to live outside in this heat?

In the wild, native wildlife seek shelter by digging dens, finding caves and other shade, migrating to higher altitudes, or spending time in the cool creek. Here at SWCC, we provide the respite for the wildlife in our care by providing sprinklers, shade cloth, and evaporative coolers. You know how much your electric bill is in the summer—imagine running more than 20 evap coolers outside! That’s us here at SWCC.

Every spring we purchase new equipment and fix what we have but that equipment gets a workout between the weather, the high use, and the animal hair. By the dog days of summer, we need a second influx of support for these machines—ones that worked in the spring need repairs and replacement by mid-summer.

You can help by donating cash for our evap cooler needs. We are keeping our costs down by purchasing and fixing units with complimentary parts so quick fixes are easier. We know the exact units we want, we have a discounted rate, we even have repairmen. What we need is the cash to make it all happen. Please donate to give the wildlife in our care some relief from the summer heat.

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