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Past News Stories


A Cautionary “Tail” From Rescue to Release

With few details she headed to Casa Grande to rescue…a skunk.
The transfer went perfectly. As she was trained, she double checked the door to the crate, and put a blanket over it to help keep the animal quiet during transport.
She could hear the skunk exploring, and then silence as it settled in for the long ride back to Southwest Wildlife…or so she thought. Scanning for traffic, she looked left then right and noticed she had a co-pilot…THE SKUNK! While trying to recapture the skunk, it escaped behind the dash.
Out to Southwest Wildlife for a more thorough search for the little Houdini.
Our vet tech and animal care specialist reach in with their gloves and as you can probably guess received an unwelcome spray of noxious fumes!
The decision was made to leave the truck overnight and let the skunk leave of its own volition.The next day the skunk was gone.
The End…or was it?
Fast forward ten days, our volunteer noticed several items tipped over and moved in her garage. Putting things away, she thought it must be pack rats. That is until she saw Houdini waddle across her garage floor.
Without food and water for several days, the skunk was no longer playing hard to get, and walked right into a crate, for a mouse.
Recently, Houdini got his happily ever after and was released. For the first time the staff and volunteers were NOT sorry to see the back end of this little skunk, as it turned tail and ran off into the wild.

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