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Update on the Injured Bear Cub

Update on the Injured Bear Cub

UPDATE ON THE PAYSON BEAR CUB! She’s finally out and about now with the warm weather and just had a health check. She weighed in at over 100 lbs.! A decision has been made about her future. Because of internal injuries and head trauma after being hit by a car, she wasn’t stable enough for a surgical repair on her leg. It was set and placed in a cast. By the time she was stable enough to go through a long surgery the leg was already healing, so plating it was not an option. Her leg has healed now and she is doing well, but does occasionally have a slight limp. Veterinarians who consulted on her case believe she will have arthritis as she ages and would not do well in the wild. As a result, arrangements have been made for the cub to find a permanent home at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. They recently lost their beloved black bear, Cinnamon, and have space available to give this cub a home for life and excellent care. All of us wished and hoped that she could be released and live a wild life, but since she cannot, we are pleased that she will have a terrific home here in Arizona.

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