Past News Stories

  • Have you heard of a “murder of crows" or a “gaggle of geese”? What do you suppose a group of raccoons is called? Find out here!

  • Ever wonder if our bears use their hammocks? The answer is, YES! They LOVE their hammocks!

  • New in the clinic, 3 tiny raccoon kits who somehow hitched a ride on a truck from California.

  • Birthday party, that is! Leonardo turned 15 years old.

  • Welcome Kurt and Minty! Two adorable Western Screech owls have joined our family.

  • A new bear playground will add to the space our black bears can enjoy - and give them more exercise!

  • It's that pumpkin time of year! Find out how SWCC uses pumpkin for our orphan babies. Hint: no caffeine is involved.

  • Instead of presents for her birthday Lucie requested for donations for SWCC!

  • National Wildlife Day

    #NationalWildlifeDay is dedicated to bringing awareness to endangered species worldwide, and to acknowledge animal sanctuaries and no-kill animal shelters for all they do to rescue injured and homeless wild and domesticated animals. Learn more at

  • Coyote puppy Araña is a new resident at SWCC. She's still a pup and learning about life at the sanctuary.

  • Raccoon Kits Are Growing Up

    Google says a group of raccoons is called a “gaze.” Thinking I know why. These guys are just one of several gazes of raccoons getting ready for release!

  • What's up with these adorable baby javelina? Read on...

  • Thank you Jordan and all the Boy Scouts who have done Eagle Scout projects for SWCC! Learn more about Jordan's project...

  • Raccoon school is open and there's a lot to learn.

  • Napping away the morning.

  • This coyote puppy has a second chance now.

  • We have a new Education Director!

  • Do you see the unique pattern of freckles on Tocho's nose?

  • Dinner with Wolves was another amazing evening!

  • Dinner with Wolves is Happening!

  • Ash found a sanctuary home at SWCC.

  • Red foxes sport beautiful coats in winter.

  • Happy New Year - Goodbye 2016!

    We’re looking forward to 2017! Happy, peaceful New Year.

  • Even Santa was on hand!

  • Heavenly bear likes the cold water!

  • It's not an easy task.

  • Lots of little ghosts and goblins came out!

  • A message from our Founder:
    Thanks to our supporters SWCC will remain open!

  • Can first-time foster mother Dizzy raise them to be wild?

  • Two bobcat kittens arrived separately as orphans.

  • It was time to look at our sanctuary residents for another possible bobcat foster parent, and we think we’ve found her!

  • Troop 440 supports SWCC with another Eagle Scout project! Read all about it...

  • Merry Christmas!

    ...and peace to all this holiday season.

  • One of our elusive sanctuary residents, Bob Barker the coyote. Read more...

  • The Holidays are Coming!

    Peppermint toes!?! You simply never know what you’ll see at Southwest Wildlife! Come out to the sanctuary for Beary Merry Christmas next week and find out what special treats await you and your family. Hope to see you there!

  • Wolf Awareness Week 2015

    Wild thanks to Jeff Dolphin, Wolf Specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, for his terrific presentation about wild Mexican gray wolves last night at the sanctuary! Jeff played a recorded wolf howl and the audience was treated with a responsive howl from the resident wolves. So cool!

  • Have you been sprayed by a skunk? Has your dog? Read on for more on how to get rid of that awful smell.

  • She's safe now. Here's what happened...

  • Coyote with Broken Leg is Rescued

    One of our newer arrivals, this wild child has no patience for being cooped up with a cast on her fractured leg. In fact, she’s removed the cast once already! She’ll need to remain somewhat confined for a bit longer while her bones heal. Once that happens, she’s a great candidate for release.

  • Peanut Coati is Chillin' Out

    Peanut the white-nosed coati knows how to chill out! See how Peanut came to live at Southwest Wildlife when you visit her page on our website under Animals / Coatis.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Foster Raise Bobkittens Again

    Our Foster parent bobcats are doing a great job with the 4 orphaned kittens they’re raising. While the little ones may sneak a look at people, Mrs. Foster is always right there, to let them know that people are not okay! She’s a good mama!

  • A Hog-Nosed Skunk Arrives

    Have you ever seen a hog-nosed skunk? Most of us haven’t! This little orphan came to Southwest Wildlife from Flagstaff where he was found all alone – no mother, no family. We’ll share more about hog-nosed skunks as we learn all about them!

  • Record breaking heat! Help us keep them cool.

  • Cuteness Overload

    They don’t get any cuter than this! Our baby season is still in full swing! We just got a generous donation of stuffed animals for babies to snuggle with. Thank you! You know who you are…

  • She's such a good mother. How'd she end up at Southwest Wildlife? Read on....

  • Orphaned Coyote Puppies Keep Coming

    Oh my! They just don’t get much cuter than this! She makes our 7th orphaned coyote puppy so far this baby season… and it’s still early! Fortunately, they’re all very close to the same age so once their quarantine period is over they’ll have plenty of coyote company. It’s all going to be fine little one, just fine.

  • The last of our orphans from the previous baby season has returned to the wild.

  • It's all about monthly giving! See what fun we had this past weekend....

  • Here's an update on the Payson bear cub.