Wild Art Contest 2015


Thank you artist Ken Rowe of the Rowe Gallery in Sedona for being our judge this year! We received many submissions this year from very talented young artists! We appreciate you all taking the time to draw some of our beloved sanctuary animals. If you placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you will be receiving a prize in the mail. Winners' drawings will also be displayed on Southwest Wildlife's Facebook page and in our upcoming newsletter.

Please see the results below:

Ages 12-14:

1st Place: Derek Levy-Bella the Bobcat

2nd Place: Samantha Stasik-Cinderella the Mexican Gray Wolf

Ages 9-11:

1st Place: Aubrey Johnson-Tahoe the Black Bear

2nd Place: Tiah Levin-Coyote

3rd Place: Mallory Koch-Indy the Raccoon

Ages 5-8:

1st Place: Kasi Enger-Deer

2nd Place: Tyra Schneider-Leonardo the African Leopard/Jaguar Hybrid