Legacy, Estate Planning or Other Assets

Leave a Legacy for Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

By including Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in your estate plans, you can help us ensure that wildlife of the desert Southwest will survive for generations to come.  Making a bequest to SWCC can help you create a conservation legacy that reflects your values - you'll be making a gift now that supports wildlife conservation and rehabilitation for the future.  It's a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime, but will provide invaluable benefits for injured, orphaned or displaced wildlife and the dedicated people working to save them.  Plus, bequests can also provide tax savings for your family and heirs.

It's easy to make a charitable bequest!

You can name Southwest Wildlife as a direct beneficiary of specific assets such as cash, securities, real estate and personal property, or a portion of your estate. SWCC can also be named as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, financial account, or retirement plan.  Would you like more information about gift planning with Southwest Wildlife?  Please contact us at 480 471-9109 or email [email protected].  We can send you a sample document of an endowment complete with bequest language.

SWCC urges you to consult with your legal and/or financial advisor to help you decide the type of bequest, to ensure that your will is legal and valid for your country, and to take advantage of appropriate tax savings.

Thank you for considering Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center as your legacy!